GMA's Dove Awards

Difficult show flow with minimal rehearsal, requiring massive pre-planning.

The Dove Awards are an annual awards show hosted by the Gospel Music Associateion. They're the longest-running awards for Christian music, and have a very strong attendance by the top players in the Christian music industry.

The setup for the Doves is very similar to a concert, with two exceptions - a full 96-channel input list, and thirteen completely separate artists performing in a two-hour time span. The time allotted to get one band off the stage and the next band onto the stage ready for the curtain to open averaged less than 5 minutes. Pre-planning, communication, and coordination are extremely critical for the success of the show.

Since 2012, I have filled the role of the Stage Patch tech. This involves ensuring every person and instrument is patched to the correct input on the dual 3-way splits. While a digital console can recall the next band at the push of a button, the Stage Patch must physically move microphones between the acts. It can get a bit frantic with the amount of work that needs to be done in the short 5-minute changeover time, but with solid communication and an excellent team, it runs incredibly smooth.

Prep work for 96 channels of input

My patch world on show site. 96 inputs, split out to Monitor and Front of House consoles, as well as a split to the TV Truck

A good example is For King and Country. They have 29 live inputs from the stage, and we had about 5 minutes to get Natalie Grant off stage, and get K&C set.

Recent Projects

Oprah's Life You Want Weekend

One hundred JBL VTX cabinets flown in seven arrays, driven by BSS London, controlled and tuned in Performance Manager.


Consistent sounding PA deployment in challenging venues.

Dove Awards

The premier Christian Music awards show - Difficult show flow with minimal rehearsal, requiring massive pre-planning.