Oprah's The Life You Want Weekend

Oprah set out to create a weekend motivational series to tour in the fall of 2014. The schedule included mostly A-Level arenas where NBA or NHL teams play. Most of the events were nearly sold out just from pre-sales, and extra un-sold sections were often opened up for seating.

The plan for the audio rig included 100 flown JBL VTX speakers, arranged in seven arrays. The complex part of the rig was the output routing of the inputs. The PA was basically set up in two different sections - two main arrays and two wide/outfill arrays were hung over the main stage, while three arrays were arranged around the B-stage as an in-the-round configuration. The extensive video content and music rolls played from the main stage system, while spoken word would shift between the main stage and the B-stage, depending on the location of the person who was speaking. In addition to the flown arrays, there were six zones of front fill which had input content that varied based on the location of the front fill speakers. Ten subwoofers were arranged under the stage in a cardioid array.

Tuning the PA was a time-consuming task. Each of the seven flown arrays were divided into five zones each, for a total of 35 zones that needed to be measured and calibrated during each venue's tuning sessions. After each flown zone was calibreated to sound as similar to the Front of House position as possible, front fills were time aligned and tuned. Overall, the process would take around three hours from when I started making noise.

Recent Projects

Oprah's Life You Want Weekend

One hundred JBL VTX cabinets flown in seven arrays, driven by BSS London, controlled and tuned in Performance Manager.


Consistent sounding PA deployment in challenging venues.

Dove Awards

The premier Christian Music awards show - Difficult show flow with minimal rehearsal, requiring massive pre-planning.